20 February 2007

an update on kindness

Just as Sprout was getting started on an art project from our stash (we received a box filled with assorted craft project goodness) two women came in and said that'd they'd gotten the dirt on her "isolation" and so long as we didn't mind they were willing to forgo the gowns and gloves and such...

Turns out these women were hospital volunteers, who came to us from The Rose Theatre. They came in to see her (and were going on to see some other children) who due to restrictions/ their condition were not able to attend a storytelling performance they did earlier today. Instead, Sprout just had about thirty minutes of up close and personal time with them, while they told her/ acted out three stories.. and made her a part of each one.

They were great, Sprout loved it, and I daresay we're going to have to drop a couple of notes (to the hospital and the theatre) for both of them.
yay for people who arent completely skeeved by coming in and making a day a whole lot better for these kids.

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