30 November 2006

guys dig chicks with scars

Guess who's going to get her back slit open... again.

It's truly a good thing that I never fell for a tramp stamp.. er.. low back tattoo.
(not to imply that i'm ink-free... far from it)
I'm going to stick with my theory though, while some guys find those to be hot
I'm certain the one for me will agree that a big ol' surgical scar is better.

28 November 2006

If we're never together, If I'm never back again.

I'm leaving in a few minutes for an appointment with my neurosurgeon. Those steroid shots aren't helping and I'm most likely looking at more surgery. I havn't been online because we've been shacking up at my mother's while I've been injured and I have to "borrow" a wireless connection from the neighbor. So expect to see lots of posts appearing all at once as I have to "save them up".

Regardless, this is something I've been dwelling on for a few days now. In several of the online forums I'm involved with, the topic of favorite "drinking songs" has come up. Fine good. I'm a reformed drinker, tis true. Anyway, here's where I'm going with this...

On many (I'm surprised by how many) occasions one of the songs named as a favorite drinking song, is Pints of Guiness Make You Stronger by Against Me! Whilst I love the song (I love Against Me!) and like many AM! songs its got a fairly "rallying" sing along lilt to it on the choruses.. I've never considered it as a "drinking" song. Its about a recovering alcoholic being heart broken by the death of her lover and wishing she'd died.

So tell me
Where's the "Heck yah let's go get our booze one" in this one?


Evelyn sits by the elevator doors
It's been 37 years since James died on St. Patrick's Day in 1964
But she could not hold it against him
There were times when there was nothing she could do
But lie in bed all day beside a picture of them together
A picture of better days

And just like James, I'll be drinking irish tonight
and the memory of his last work week will be gone forever
Evelyn I'm not coming home tonight!
If we're never together
If I'm never back again
Well I swear to God that I'll love you forever
Evelyn I'm not coming home tonight!

In all the years that went by she said
She'd always love him
and from the day that he died
She never loved again

And in his wallet she kept in her nightstand
an a.a. card and a lock of red hair
she kept secrets of pride locked so tight in her heart
it killed a part of her before the rest was gone.

She said, "If I would have known just how things would have ended up I just would have let myself die."

And just like james, I'll be drinking irish tonight
and the memory of his last work week will be gone forever
Evelyn I'm not coming home tonight!
If we're never together
If I'm never back again
Well I swear to God that I'll love you forever
Evelyn I'm not coming home tonight!

23 November 2006

now for a crazy lady rant

this one has been sitting in my head for over a month now.. and it resurfaced after reading Jake's blog today.

nothing in recent history has made me want to become a card-carrying-smash-the-state-anarchist more than watching 'Insane Celebrity Yachts' and 'Insane Celebrity Entourages' back to back.


additionally, a few weeks ago, i had several people call me and tell me to quick!quick!turnonmytv!! that homemakeover show was on. the one with the guy who's in the commercial for my cell phone (if i didnt love my phone, id chuck it at him).

anyway, they were making over a house for a family with a 12yr old boy with cerebral palsy. this kid was clearly more afflicted than mine. but apparently all of my acquaintences (and a couple of friends) felt i needed to see this. so they jack up their double wide and move it for some habitat for humanity thing and build them one from scratch on the same site. they spare no expense. this family got every frill. every piece of high tech, high end adaptive equipment was included. shit they bought the teenage daughter a new wardrobe.

this show.

its great they could do so much for this family. however. i think of myself. i think of all the families i know that have kids with issues.. that struggle. shit, my insurance won't even cover the lift to get the Sprout out of bed and into her chair or onto the toilet.

if they had just given that family "nice" stuff. maybe a fancy lift in lieu of a track system that would suspend the kid from the ceiling thoughout the house? a damn sauna in his bedroom? those things are all very nice, but they are so very over the top. if they gave the remaining money to help other families.. they easily could have hooked up twenty families with what they did for this one. I don't begrudge the family. It just feels dirty to me.

thats the kind of gift giving that makes the giver feel good. they should feel good, they did a good thing. but its all show and flash. they can now pop their buttons about how much they gave. its not the kind of giving that actually does good. its a publicity stunt that managed to help *one* family, and grab a crap ton of advertising dollars for the broadcasting company.

22 November 2006

Where oh where can my baby be....

Dearest Blogling,
Please excuse me for not visiting your pages and gracing you with text sooner, I know I had said in my last post that I most assuredly had not forsaken you.. but then I went and left you all by your lonesome again. By now I'm sure you've noticed my long absence.

I havnt been online for a couple of weeks, and it was definitely not at my choosing. I think the last time I wrote, I was excited that October was ending and my life was about to slow down a bit. I was *wrong* about that.

Ive been battling severe back issues for the last year (being a single mom of a sprout that doesnt walk has been hard on my back). At the Sprout's halloween party, my back went completely out, and we had to relocate to my mom's house for a few days. I found myself spending a lot of time laying down flat, and the computer chair was no place for me.

While this was happening, a dear friend of mine was involved in a a very serious accident, and shortly thereafter she passed on. I'm still overwhelmed that her life took a turn the way that it did, and now she's gone. While the loss still leaves parts of me feeling a bit raw. I find myself looking at my arm a lot- my permanent visual reminder of the principles of the transference of energy. I am infinite. We all are.

The day after the funeral, my back was still giving me trouble- I spent three days having random spasms that if I treated, meant I was sleeping. eek. Finally, my back reached a point where the medications were no longer working and the pain and spasms were out of control.

Sprout went to Gramma's.. I went to the hospital. When I left the s hospital, it was to report to Gramma's. This past Wednesday I recieved a cortisone laudal epidural. I don't know that its helped much. I'm still having a lot of problems and can't drive with my medications. Medications I'd hoped would not be necessary after the injection (my second). Some days are better than others. Yesterday was alright. Today a little worse.. and this evening the spasms are back with a vengeance. I'm scheduled with my neurosurgeon next week, and we will probably be shacking up here until at least then.

Sprout and I were scheduled to attend thanksgiving festivities with a friend's family. Due to my flare up this evening, its going to be near impossible for me to assist in Sprout-care tomorrow, so we've re-evaluated our plan and are now going to be attending a family function. So long as I can find something without dead animal in it or on it, I'm good. Oh, and a flat place to lay down with my heating pad as needed.

Hope you all have a great day, and have something in your lives to be thankful for.
Peace be with you.

05 November 2006

october means birthday presents (but not for me)

Things havc been busy, busy around these parts. October has always been ridiculously busy and this year surely wasn't cutting me a break.

One of the things that makes it hectic is the fact that my mother and sister have birthdays six days apart the last week of the month- the same time I'm usually trying to put together the Sprout's class "harvest" party and prep her for halloween goodness.

I had to put my socktoberfest sockling aside to focus on getting some gifts made. Behold, five dish cloths for my momma and a scarf for my sister that I knit up with hand spun/ hand dyed domestic wool top. Both gifts were "successful."