18 February 2007

the endoscopy

Friday was a difficult day for the kidlet. She was tired and miserable . Friday evening Sprout had her endoscopy, when they came for her, she looked at the nurse and wanted to know exactly how many pictures the doc planned on taking, and attempted to argue that she'd had enough of those already. Unfortunately, she lost the debate.

The procedure went well, with no complications other than difficulty getting the IV in. The results? Well, at least now we're looking at the primary problem, rather than the secondary ones (gall bladder and bowel). Also, when I say "looking" I mean it literally. Dr. Z came out after the procedure and showed me images he printed of the problematic sites.

She has a series of lumps between her middle and distal esophagus and in her antrum. Her distal esophagus, antrum and body of the stomach are all red and inflamed. Her fundus is bruised, lumpy and all chewed up looking. The doc believes the latter is due to the retching. He has taken biopsies of the inflamed areas and lumps. He told me everything he saw suggested this was the primary problem, but that he didnt want to jump the gun and start interpretting without the biopsy results, He didn't want to over or understate the potential of what he saw.

What I can do, and am doing now is patiently waiting for Wednesday, because that is the earliest we will have the results of the biopsies.

Our current plan for her care is continuing the medication and trying to keep her hydrated. I'm guesstimating she is keeping one in three meals down- keep in mind there are some days where she doesnt eat at all, and she rarely eats three meals a day. Thursday the only thing she kept down was her half slice of birthday cake. Friday- nothing. Saturday she ate a few carrot sticks at lunch and half a cup of cottage cheese and a couple of bites of mac n cheese for dinner. I got all of that back with interest last night. :(

As soon as she is eating and only vomitting 1-2 times per day, we're going home, just so we can avoid catching something worse by staying here. Yesterday they thought we may go home today to await our results, but she barely ate, and kept none of it down. So we're still here. She's sleeping about 18 hours a day. My BIL and nephew came up this morning and Spog climbed into bed with her and they used her bed table to make with some crafty goodness which completely wore her out..

So, I sit. I knit. I read a little bit. I watch terrible little kid movies(presently "Annie"- not terrible but its like the sixth time this week), and read to a half with it kid, then I knit some more. And I do not, under any circumstances google phrases like "esophagus lumps".

to the gal who sent us the harry potter books on cd- Sprout listened to book one while she was in the OR for the endoscopy.
and Kelly.. the balloons and stuffed kitty were fabulous. i'll try and get a pic for you so you'll know exactly what you sent :)

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