23 August 2006

humping, henry rollins

Bosley, now 8 weeks of age has begun to develop unattractive habits.

This morning, he attempted to hump my foot and my arm on two seperate occasions.

Additionally, while I too would like to chew on Henry Rollins, he has taken a firm liking to The Portable Henry Rollins. Which I am attempting to re-read. Boz has found it on at least three occasions in the last week.

Its a good thing he's so cute, lest I'd be forced to murderize him.

I mean, he looks remorseful, doesn't he?

18 August 2006

A warning to video game geeks, an amusing story for those who mock them

I was already sickly amused, when I learned that my friend Jimmy, broke his knee during a drunken game of Guitar Hero.

I am even more so sickly amused, by the website he has created while suffering/ recuperating from the following surgery.

So, all you game geeks

I present to you

16 August 2006

John Muir is love

While on vacation, I had intended to post a quote by John Muir, that I was having a hard time peeling from my brain on my quiet, mountainside mornings alone. As you can see, I never actually did it. I was reading a friend's blog this morning, and she had mentioned feeling comforted by the feeling that the minutae of her day actually connected her to something bigger than she thought possible.

It reminded me that I wanted to get this in here.

"When we try to pick out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible cords that cannot be broken, to everything in the universe. "
- naturalist John Muir in his book My First Summer in the Sierras

(originally posted 16 august 06)

15 August 2006

a trekking post.. sockie went a trekkin' and she did ride mmhmm

we're into August already, and I think most everyone seems to be finished or finishing their projects. Then there's me. The first time sock knitter, with the toe-up thigh highs (did y'all forget that I'm 6'2"?) correction. thigh high. two weeks left in the knit-a-long and I'm working on the ribbing of sock one. Forget the dreaded second sock curse I've heard so much about. I feel like I've been ribbing forever. I'll definitely finish the pair, eventually, but I'm trying to get through the one, so that I can maybe touch one of the other projects I've been holding off on.

But here's an update, long overdue. I took my sock with me to Montana. My trekking sock has now officially been worked on in seven states: Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, Montana and Idaho. No, really. Unfortunately, I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have- mostly because it got to where I was feeling like there would have been no noticeable progress *shrug* but alas! Here is some yarny goodness from my trip...

On our way across I90, we had to make an obligatory stop in Reed Point. Let me guess, you've never heard of it. Well you should. I mean, its only home of the Great Montana Sheep Drive.... a Running of the Sheep. Yes, you read correctly. The Running of the Sheep. Its like the 'running of the bulls' only with sheep.

The 'Great Montana Sheep Drive' features hundreds of sturdy Montana bred woolies charging down the six blocks of the main street.
Now, we were not there for the event mind you- that is still some three weeks away, but.. they have signs that must be photographed:

Our cabin was located approximately 27 miles up the Gallatin Canyon, a place where I spent a signifigant portion of my childhood. (the canyon, not the cabin). This is from where hwy 191 goes into the canyon-

OUr cabin had three decks, each facing east. This is where I spent my late-july wee morning hours drinking coffee and knitting, while able to see my breath.

And then, onto my sock! The day I took photos, was on a picnic drive. I took my daughter, sister, brother in law and nephew out to explore the Gallatin Canyon and find a decent enough trail access to get my daughter over to the river in her wheelchair.

Our cabin was directly beneath Storm Castle Peak-

from the north, taken from the bridge to Storm Castle turn off, which leads to the ranger station helipad and the road the founders into a glorified deer path to Spire Rock campground, Rat Lake and Garnet Mountain.

from highway 191 in front of the Montana Whitewater, Gallatin office.

We actually found "the spot" by going over the Storm Castle turn off, and heading towards the campground Near an old baptist church camp, we were able to park and make our way to the point where Storm Castle Creek meets the Gallatin River. You can see a sliver of the creek behind Cait, as she models a river rock

while we were hanging out on the shore, about ten white water rafts came by, but these two managed to get spun around by the current, and it was pretty amusing to watch them try and get turned back around

so, I let them see my sock in progress...

after hanging out at the river, we continued up the drive until it got so shoddy there was no way in heck we could do it in the present vehicle, or hike it with the present company.

storm castle creek, about four miles in, rat lake and garnet mountain are up the logging road on the horizon, the photo was taken from behind storm castle peak.

so that..
is my sock, trekking.

14 August 2006

i brought back more than yarn and wool

for those of you wondering what all the fuss has been about..
I present Bosley Montana, as modeled by Cait, on our way back from Montana.

01 August 2006

rockford coffee, main street, bozeman

So, I'm at the Rockford Coffee shop on Main Street in Bozeman, MT.

They have free wireless and a lovely granita. The good news is, since my last post, I got a card reader. The bad news is, I left my wireless card in my other bag, up the canyon.

soooo instead of super awesome post, Ive checked my email, and now I'm posting the pics I've taken in the last ten minutes. You'll get the report on what I've done so far, when I can actually give you the whole thing.

So far, my dad has come down, I've been through three forest fires, almost lynched my sister and watched a geyser blow its load.

oh, and my cabin kicks all motherfucking kinds of ass

I seriously, do not want to come home.

my only complaint thusfar, is the changes in bozeman. Missoula was always pretty granola, but Bozeman was cowboy. Now mainstreet is lined with stores selling 120$ tshirts and cookie cutter subdivisions are flying up... a cheap house now runs $250k minimum. Yikes.

onto the photos

these are on my way into bozeman from the south..






This is the rush hour traffic I faced to get in tonight..
note 1= theres hardly anyone there
note 2= with a view like that. who minds waiting?

this is the house i lived in for two years when i was small. now its a realty office, its also two doors down from where i am sitting right now.

this is the yarn and wool i got today.. mountain colours and some locally raised/ harvested and then hand dyed targhee top

I've gots me a canyon to drive up.
I'll post more Saturday from the hotel, if not sooner
(Im assuming they have internet)


did i mention that i dont want to ever come back?
did i mention how glad i am that i came?