16 February 2007

friday updates..

This morning we had our upper GI.. before I had a cup of coffee or my pain meds had a chance to kick in. Two things I generally require in order to start my day off with any semblence less than suck.

Spout slept fairly well.. and we went downstairs to radiology. She was quite the trooper. Due to her recent issues though, she has a hard time doing just about anything without gagging.. she managed to get 3oz of the barium down before her body started a mutiny. Just as we were making reading to install the NG tube to put the rest in, two things happened.. a small blip of it moved past her stomach so they got enough of a glimpse of the intestines to determine there was no malrotation.. and a large portion of the barium refluxed itself up into her esophagus.

We came back up to our room to await word.. Sprout rested until she started this morning's batch of vomiting. The barium came back then she switched to stomach acid. The poor thing was retching for about three hours.. then she'd doze off.. then wake up whimpering/mewling.. then doze off.. wake up whimpering/mewling and sobbing.

She is scheduled for an endoscopy and biopsies of her esophagus, stomach and intestinal walls.

Hopefully they will find something to get us going in the right direction.

as Sprout says.. "Mommy..doesn't he have enough pictures of me already?"

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