07 March 2007

yay for artistic integrity

Check out the new Sevendust cd cover... look familiar? It should. Its a pretty blatant rip off of a piece by Cleveland artist Derek Hess. Hess has created rock posters for bands ranging from Pink Floyd and Pearl Jam to Cows, Converge, Thursday and Dillinger Escape Plan. He has taken on cd cover art for bands, his original portfolio is part of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and he has work hanging in a permanent collection at the Louvre.

the original.


2 color serigraph, edition of 125, 10 1/8" x 29 1/4", printed at the Highway Press - Image created March 6th 2005.

An open wound that won't heal due to the lack of closure. - DH

That's pretty freakin' pathetic.

Long live Hess.

I hope Hess sues, I hope the person who ripped him off feels like the piece of crap s/he is.

*edited to provide updated links; sevendust's pos came out yesterday.


Funny said...

can you put the album cover back up? i wanna see what everyone's talking about.

Amanda said...

absolutely. done and done.