20 February 2007

in which we sit

Yesterday we met with neurology, they agreed to pull her off the depakote. Apparently you don't need as long of a weaning period for the medication when you're taking it for its anti-convulsant properties as opposed to its psychiatric uses. They halved it last night, she'll have the same dose tonight, followed by cold turkey tomorrow. We'll most likely need to add a new medication in its place as the lamictal alone was no longer keeping her seizure free.

Sprout has not vomited since her episodes yesterday morning- during breakfast and just before lunch. She got up in her chair to eat lunch today, and is weak and wobbley, but now pissed that she isn't allowed to go to the playroom because she is still in isolation. Unfortunately, she's only in isolation because they are afraid she'll vomit on something, not because she is contagious.

Let's hope this lasts a bit.

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